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Reasons to take ruzu bitters

Ruzu bitters is not just called natures pure marvel just to promote his product. This product we all know as RUZU HERBAL BITTERS is one bitters drink that has been exceptional in the health of many Nigerians. This product is not just ruzu herbal bittersanother supplement.

Its effectiveness can be seen under 24hours in most cases. That’s another reason why I call it nature’s pure marvel. There are so many brands of herbal bitters originating from Africa and needed to be healthy, drove me into treating myself with this herbal bitters. I have had many opportunities of making use of so many bitters. But at last, I came across the above name called RUZU HERBAL BITTERS. This is a wonderful herbal bitters.

Ruzu Herbal Bitters came into Nigeria a few years ago with the aim to eliminate the bacteria, fungi, and some other health disturbing diseases commonly experienced within the country.



This happened to a hotel receptionist. He has been going to work without shoes. He had a serious wound on his left feet that wouldn’t just heal. A condition that is regular with diabetic patients. He had all sorts! This wound had been a serious problem for him for many years as it means he can’t go for meetings and really has to limit where he shows up officially. He saw a broadcast on RUZU HERBAL BITTERS and decided to give it a try. In less than 7 days the unhealed wound healed up and his back to using his shoes again. For him, Ruzu Herbal Bitters is natured pure miracle.



A professor is sold RUZU to called me to share his testimonies. He had bought RUZU for something else entirely but experienced something so far than the bargained for in result. After spending a minute to pray for me I couldn’t wait to find out what was going on. He shared with me that for five years he couldn’t have an erection. His self-worth was damaged and his marriage was suffering heavily. Within 24hours of using RUZU he had an erection for the first time in five years. He was so excited and overjoyed. His marriage is been restored, and he’s getting his mojo back.


it has also been observed and researched with many testimonies that ruzu bitters can stop weak ejaculation 


A friend who for years has been suffering from and managing gonorrhea contacted me to share his amazing testimonies. I never knew he has been managing this sickness for some years, as it is one of those diseases you try to keep to yourself as much as possible. He bought RUZU from me under the guise of waiting to use it for something else. After a few days, he called me and confided in me. He was excited to share that RUZU has helped him tremendously and that he’s doing GREAT now!



I walked into my sister’s home with a throbbing headache, migraine to be precise. My body temperature and my body shook almost visibly. My extremities (fingers and toes) had the feeling of needle pricks. Those symptoms weren’t strange to me, I have battled them for close to ten years, they were signs of high blood pressure. My sister who had told me about RUZU before and I shoved it aside offered me again. At this point, I had no option. I took a shot of RUZU. In less than 20 minutes, I felt as if cold water was poured on me. A headache and pains were gone and my body began to feel better already. I promptly went restroom eased myself and by the time I came out, I confessed that I had never recovered that fast to any anti-hypertensive in years. Now, I am a RUZU ambassador! Today I move with more speed and energy than I have done in years. I feel great! It’s like my youth is been restored.




It is estimated that over 56 million Nigerians have high blood pressure, another 6 million with diabetes. Malaria contributes to 20% of deaths in the nation and many suffer from all sorts of ailments such as erectile dysfunction, dysmenorrheal, pile, asthma, body odor, gonorrhea, fibroid, vaginal discharge, chicken pox, infertility, obesity, arthritis, syphilis, waist pain and much more.

Research reveals that behind most of this ailment is oxidative stress – which is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effect through neutralization by antioxidants. Because the body cannot counteract these radicals, cells are damaged, leading to various health issues within the body.

The all natural RUZU BITTERS has been proven to help the body mop up oxidative stress and to repair the damage earlier created by it. RUZU bitters is not just another supplement; ruzu is a wonder, It is 100% natural with no additives and artificial preservatives. I call it natures pure marvel. The Ruzu range of product is amazing herbal wonders helping to ensure you can live healthier, strong and longer.RUZU


ruzu bitters benefits

We are happy to inform you that Ruzu herbal bitters go beyond just an amazing herbal wonder that helps you body mop up oxidative stress but also help you benefit in many forms.

ruzu bitters can benefit you by Growing your income we all know it is a needful act in our journey to financial freedom, and the bottle you hold in your hands can open up the possibility for you.

In 2016, based on sharing Ruzu bitters with friends and family, the company was able to send over 300 kids to school and share over N400,000,000 referral bonuses with her distributors. You can be one, and you can experience exciting income.

With Ruzu Bitters, you can earn in over 13 exciting ways including Retail profits, earning millions of Naira via helping lives, qualifying for all expense paid vacations, winning a brand new car and receiving your key to your dream house. Yes, with A2W you can own your dream house, drive your dream car and travel around the world.

This is not a pie in the sky, via Ruzu Bitters, living your dream now possible.

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