How to get rid of bad breath permanently

how to get rid of bad breath permanently

How to get rid of bad breath permanently [7 faster techniques]


How to get rid of bad breath permanently cant be that easy. come to think of it what can be more humiliating than having a host of bacteria’s living in your mouth causing unpleasant smell especially when talking or opened.

This has been a problem for many people and has also been one of the causes of some broken relationships because of neglecting the oral health.

Here are some viable causes of mouth odour

Here we will be listing some well researched causes of mouth odour which includes:

  • Smoking
  • Diseases
  • Dry mouth
  • Food particles
  • Poor hygiene
  • Dental problems.

How can I make my breath smell better?

There are 7 ways by which you can get rid of bad breath (halitosis)

  • Early in the morning drink plenty of water also rinse your mouth with it then spit out. For better result make the water warm it helps to kills germs and clean your stomach from dirt’s.
  • Brushing after every meal will help to prevent bacteria build up.
  • It’s recommended you replace your toothbrush every two to three months.
  • Chew a sizeable amount of fennel seeds. The aniti-bacteria properties help to fight bad breath, and keep your mouth fresh.
  • Scrape your tongue every morning with a tongue scraper or spoon to reduce the fungi present on your tongue. And also sweep out the dead cells causing mouth odor. Hold the tongue with a gauge in order to clean the inner part of the tongue.
  • Chew or squeeze out lemon juice use the liquid to rinse your mouth thoroughly to freshen up the mouth. The citric acid contained inside the juice helps in fighting the bacteria causing bad breath.
  • Arrange to see a dentist at least every three months for checkups and mouth cleaning.
  • Use of mouth wash: naturally I will recommend non alcoholic mouth wash to be used when treating bad breath. Alcoholic mouth wash dries of the mouth after usage and kills some natural bacteria that keep the mouth fresh. Use this after brushing in the morning and at night before sleeping.
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Symptoms of mouth odor (bad breath)

Symptoms of  mouth odor is simply the odor that comes out of the mouth this smell can be really offensive and sometimes are only be discovered by people near you.

How to get rid of bad breath naturally using home remedies


  • Honey
  • Lime
  • Ginger
  • Warm water
  • Chew on non sugar gummies  

Honey and Lime: these mixture work wonder when you want to control mouth odour .

        PREPARATION: extract lime juice mix with the honey till it blends and turns into paste.


                      Wash your mouth with the mixture two (2) times daily (morning and night till the situation improves).

LIME:  Wash your mouth, tongue, and teeth with LIME. It’s active citric acid will kill all the Germs present and cease the bad breath.

 GINGER AND LIME MIXTURE:  Ginger has been known for fighting bacteria for ages but when mixed with lime it eliminates bad breath more quickly.

    PREPARATIONS: peel and crush a medium size ginger, extract lime juice and ginger water then mix the two (2) together. 


Wash your mouth thoroughly every morning and night with this mixture till the mouth odor disappears.

Warm water + lime: Bacteria does not fit well and cannot live in a hot and acidic environment because bacteria is the main cause of mouth odor so eliminate bacteria and bad odor/ breath goes along with it.


Boil water neither too hot nor cold, pour into a small cup. Extract the lime juice and mix with the warm water, make sure that the water and the lime extracted are equal for it to be concentrated.

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Take a shot of your mixture rinse your mouth with this mixture morning and as well at night till it gets better. Make sure it is warm before using.

Non sugar chewing gum: Can help in reducing the amount of odor from your mouth though it does not cure it, but mixing it with other medications listed above will help improve your oral health.

Just chew on; especially when you are out with people it will increase your confidence around people.


Bad breath is caused by bacteria that are present on the tongue, teeth and mouth and this sometimes can be contacted through kissing. And not taking care of your oral health. So try as much as you can to avoid these bacteria and you won’t have to worry about bad breath. And finally drink lots and lots and lots of alkaline rich water it helps a lot. How to get rid of bad breath permanently can be sure easy when you follow the rules and guidelines listed above carefully.


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